PhD position on cybersecurity and privacy for  home IoT

The pre-doctoral position is a FPI grant in the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (Barcelona), linked with the national funded project CONSENT.

Internet of Things IoT

Research project

Current developments in the Internet of Things in consumer environments entail massive collection and accumulation of personally identifiable information (PII) that are incompatible with the privacy guarantees established in the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The general objective of CONSENT is to provide cost-effective security and privacy technologies to guarantee the data protection levels established by the GDPR.

The research of the candidate will be focused on the development of security/privacy infrastructures that can ensure a reliable interchange and processing of data in IoT consumer environments. It will work in one of the following areas:

  • Designing privacy enhancing technologies to protect home IOT’s PII data in a utility-preserving way, allowing consumers to adjust and trade with the data they consent to disclose
  • Evolving cybersecurity technologies to detect attacks and anomalies in a heterogeneous and resource-constrained context using artificial intelligence algorithms; 
  • Defining protocols for the secure interchange of data based on collaborative peer-to-peer networks and lightweight cryptographic schemes.


3-year funding for the doctorate, with the possibility of obtaining a 4-year grant after the presentation of the thesis.


Expressions of interest must include:

  • A letter of motivation
  • CV
  • Academic certificates corresponding to the degrees held. Grades and dates of obtaining must be included.

All of these should be sent to ​dmegias at​ / ​hrifa at

Completion and submission of the application must be done through the MCIU website.

Project reference: RTI2018-095094-B-C22

Deadline: 14:00 GMT+1,  7th of November.


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